EAW Repairs



We are one of the few repair organisations in Europe who can undertake repairs of UX8800 processors.

With our in-house expertise in analogue, digital and switch-mode PSU electronics we are well equipped to handle almost all of the faults likely to be encountered on these units. In our capacity as LOUD Technologies’ premier UK service agent we have repaired dozens of UX8800s and have probably seen your symptoms many times before.




Most faults are due to damaged power supplies and we have not yet come across a PSU which we couldn’t repair. As with most of our switch-mode PSU repairs we install higher rated front end components to ensure continuing reliability. Having surface mount rework facilities means we are not reduced simply to replacing whole boards, the cost of which would otherwise make repair uneconomical. We can, instead, repair DX1208 PCBs to breathe new life into otherwise scrap units.




Speaker Remanufacture:

We have facilities to completely remanufacture the EAW speakers. You will see more under Loudspeaker Reconing but below you will see one of the largest woofers being prepared for reconing.






Example of a damaged speech-coil  taken from an 18inch unit

EAW-1816The Thiele characteristics following remanufacture



Who Are we

Surrey Amps was established in 1996. Now based at Brooklands, just 5 minutes from the M25 and the A3 means we are easily accessible from the whole of Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire or Central London. We offer a fast and efficient high quality repair service for high end audio amplifers, lighting or studio equipment.

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